Lamp pole advertising is naturally, an outdoor style of advertising, which makes it luminous and obviously, conspicuous. It can also be viewed as a style of advertising meant for the larger general public, regardless of class, financial status, educational background, occupational type, etc.

It is such a prevalent type of advertising that members of the general public easily notice it the same way they notice their wrist watches. And Nigeria being a country filled with boisterous streets, makes this type of advertising get more views from people, than a photographer’s camera trying to view and capture images.

Lamp pole advertising in Nigeria, has in a way given Nigerians upright posturing. Because there is this irresistible urge to look up, not just to be careful moving on the road, but to catch a glimpse of a new and effective information. And the glimpse might turn into a gaze, if the information the eyes see is attractive enough for the brain.

Even if it is a very public type of advertising, it does not make it lose its creative facade. There is still a playful and appealing feel to it. When people walk close to it, there is a chance the lamp pole would be given a glance, because it is no ordinary lamp pole anymore. It has suddenly become somewhat customized and has attained celebrity status because it stands out from its peers that are yet to be branded.

Although, one could say lamp poles would not be used if they were not situated in places that make them prominent. Because business goes where the human eyes are. If lamp poles were not exterior structures, its anatomy would not have been given the colourful designs, advertising companies usually give it. It is just a way of saying something becomes truly essential only when it is infested with looks from the eyes of the world.

Lamp pole advertising does not exactly focus on displaying too many glitzy features like one usually gets from viewing a TV commercial. But it is ever present to fill the human retina with effective information. It appears static, and is in fact, static and silent, but it is still much an effective style of advertising. It is voiceless, yet it is highly efficient in sending the right message across with multiple voices that have the same goal and leaves indelible marks of high calibre quality on the receivers, which in this case, are members of the public.

In Nigeria, advertising companies still use lamp poles because they know that apart from TV and Radio advertising, lamp poles also have a wide and possibly wider reach, because people would not  stay indoors forever and no matter how much TV, Radio and Smart Phone advertising information they consume, they would always come across new and refreshing information, when they step out into exterior parts of cities and view the advert-laden lamp poles.

It is fair to say Nigerians enjoy getting information on lamp poles, why? Because lamp poles are not mobile and they remain where they are and this means people can view the information multiple times, as long as the eyes are willing to record and digest what it sees. Nigerians love this type of advertising because of its palpable nature. Because it is right in front of people and could possibly be felt, so it sort of gives the Ad an extra sense of existence.

Lamp pole advertising in Nigeria, has become so common that sometimes a lamp pole without an Ad on it, looks out of place. Because in Nigeria it is expected by the public that most lamp poles should have Ads on them, because a lamp pole on a street without Ads on it, might seem like that street is lacking behind when it comes to informative enlightenment, which in this case is lamp pole advertising.

Lamp pole advertising in Nigeria, is pivotal for a company’s recognition. Lamp poles turn nascent companies into established companies because of the meteoric rise it gives itself by frequently using lamp poles, that would help it emerge from obscurity.

Pedestrians and those with vehicular means, all benefit from lamp pole advertising. But it is fair to say pedestrians are the ones who get to see the Ads more, because their pace is definitely slower than someone in a car. But eventually, the information reaches both parties, because they would definitely switch means of locomotion one time or another.

Lamp pole advertising continues to be effective in Nigeria, because it is one of the quickest forms of advertising in Nigeria, why? Because Nigerians are naturally always on the move, almost in stampede-fashion but stopping by to get information on a lamp pole is not that demanding for them, because they are already outside and would easily board a taxi or bus when they get the information they seek.

The inquisitive nature of humans is present when lamp pole advertising is involved. Because a lamp pole naturally comes without Ads on it. So when people see that is has been branded, they surely want to take a look and by so doing, they get to see what is being advertised on the lamp pole. So lamp pole advertising instigates and imbues curiosity and this continues to give lamp pole advertising relevance in Nigeria.

Lamp pole advertising in Nigeria has continued to defy weather. It could be challenging at times, especially if has to do with copious rain drops, which might limit human mobility. But even bad weather has an end and lamp pole advertising continues to have new and pacesetting beginnings that would not  make it look lethargic or obsolete, but continue to remain relevant and pass on nugget-like words to people.

To add literary colour to the discussion, lamp pole advertising can be seen as giants that forever stand still for us to learn about what is new out there. They can also be imagined as planets and we the astronauts who wait and watch as it revolves with new information and reveal something unique to us in the ever picturesque and glowing world of advertising.

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